Project Manager Challenge

How To Play

Ready to challenge yourself? Put your learning to the test? Ready or not, you’ve arrived at the Project Manager Challenge. Here’s how it works.

Each challenge involves an activity. Could be sorting concepts, sequencing workflow, defining terminology, whatever. When you’re set to begin, so is the timer — it’s a race! The faster you complete each activity and the more accurate you are, the more points you rack up and the higher your score. Get it? You’ll be judged for speed and accuracy. So, it pays to pay attention.

Unhappy with your score? Want to do better? No problem. Simply press PLAY AGAIN.

What’s in it for you? Braggin’ rights and a trophy! For each challenge, you’ll receive first, second or third place recognition — along with a little confetti. Call it a reward for all your hard work. You’ve earned it.